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3 Ways to Reduce Safety Hazards in Manufacturing

Safety should always be your #1 priority in your business’s working environment—especially in manufacturing. When working in manufacturing, the human body is physically demanded of in many ways: for handling materials and operating machinery. About 1 in every 25 manufacturing workers are injured every year while on the job. Staying committed to a safe environment would not only decrease this likelihood for accidents, but increase productivity as well. Here are 3 ways you can reduce safety hazards in your workplace:

  1. Establish Best Practices (from the start)

    Safety begins with prevention, so establish the importance of a safe working environment from the start. From operating machinery to how you remove yourself from operating machinery, every step you take in the work day is very important to your safety and the safety of others. Best practices for safety success should be communicated to your employees upon hiring.

  1. Safety Reinforcement

    Expectations for safety at your company should be reiterated time and time again. It is important to have a written safety policy in place, regular evaluations of employee performance, and recognition for safe behavior.

  1. Implementing a Safety Procedure

    If safety is your top priority and you want to see consistent improvement, consider putting a safety procedure in place. Safety procedures should be designed to be easy to follow, so it soon becomes a regular practice in the workplace without hesitation.

At EHS Management, safety IS our top priority. We offer specialized Environmental Health and Safety services for clients in the manufacturing industry and beyond including new hire safety training programs, respiratory protection programs, and hazard communication.

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