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How to Improve Safety Culture in the Workplace

Promoting a safe working environment requires more than the occasional poster in the break room and quick reminders at annual company parties. It takes time, dedication, and consistency to establish a company culture that revolves around safety. For example, there are a number of things you can do to improve safety culture that will benefit both your employees and your company as a whole.

Host Team Meetings

Team meetings provide an excellent way to communicate safety standards and procedures with your employees. Consistently starting out team meetings with a 5 to 10-minute refresher (or more!) on safety topics will help keep safety top of mind for your employees. Team meetings are an excellent time to hold your employees accountable and recognize your employees for a job well done.

Provide Safety Training Sessions

Safety awareness trainings are important for establishing consistent communication and creating a safe working environment. Both new and long-time employees should be included in these trainings to ensure everyone knows how to respond to an emergency or accident properly. Even seasoned employees can be prone to making mistakes if they are moving on autopilot or rushing to complete the next task. For example, hold a training session to focus on using emergency eye washing stations or safety harnesses.

Promote On-Going Safety Awareness

Safety awareness should be weaved throughout all levels of your business. Leading by example will help strengthen your company’s safety culture. Supervisors and managers should address safety concerns not only in training sessions, but all year round. By demonstrating safety procedures day in and day out, it can help encourage an environment that puts safety first. Also, encourage your employees to report all accidents and injuries. Consistent reporting can raise red flags for dangerous or unsafe working conditions. This allows your company to stay proactive and make changes that prioritize employee safety every day.

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