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3 Tips to Stay Safe on the Farm

The agriculture industry ranks among one of the most hazardous in the country. Every day, about 100 agricultural workers suffer a lost-work-time injury. The number of injuries and fatalities can be reduced by ensuring each work area is equipped with safety guidelines and accident plans. Here are three ways you can keep your farm safe from mishaps.

1. Practice Tractor Safety

The most essential mechanisms on the farm are also among the deadliest. Tractor overturns are the leading cause for death among the farming industry, accounting for 30% of farm fatalities. To keep yourself and those around you safe when operating large vehicles and other heavy machinery, make sure you are following proper farm safety guidelines.

2. Be Prepared for Accidents

Accidents happen. Being prepared can be a life-saving practice for when these accidents occur. The fatality rate among the farming industry is far higher than any other economic sector. Most accidents can be contributed to farm vehicles and falls. Ensure your facility has a farm safety plan in place in case these types of instances occur.

3. Protect Yourself from Heat-Related Injury

Farmers spend much of their day outdoors or in areas where cooling methods are poor. This means they are at a particularly high risk for heat stroke and exhaustion. Protecting your body from the heat can be done by wearing light, cool clothing, working in shaded areas, and staying hydrated. A protection plan should always be in place in the event this type of exhaustion occurs. Also, ensure all employees are aware of the early signs of heat exhaustion to help prevent it from worsening.    

Keep yourself, your employees, and your business safe by practicing proper safety procedures and planning. We offer a variety of agricultural safety and environmental services at EHS Management to help better prepare and protect your business. Contact one of our safety professionals to get your farm safety services in place.