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3 Ways to Slow the Spread of the Flu in Your Workplace

Nearly 111 million workdays are missed by U.S. employees annually due the flu. These sick days have lead to an estimated $16.3 billion in lost earnings. As flu season approaches, it’s important to ensure your workplace is prepared with proper health resources and procedures. Here are 3 ways you can slow the spread of the flu in your workplace this flu season.

1. Space out Employee Workstations

Avoiding contact with those experiencing symptoms of the flu is one of the easiest ways to slow the spread between employees. Spreading out workstations when possible and encouraging employees to keep their distance can help ensure your staff remains healthy this season.

2. Offer Disinfecting Wipes and Sanitizing Stations Around Your Space

We suggest placing disinfecting wipes around the workplace and ensuring employees know where to find them. Hand sanitizing stations should be placed mainly around entryways and bathrooms. Door handles can harbor enough germs to infect half your workplace within a matter of hours. Sanitizing your hands after using a door handle, and frequently cleaning the door handles themselves can help slow the spread of germs this flu season.

3. Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

Are you prepared with the necessary IT solutions for your staff to work effectively from home? If not, now may be the time to do so. Being prepared with at-home solutions can ensure workers who are starting to feel the onset of symptoms, or those who no longer feel sick but may be contagious, have a way to continue to work without spreading germs throughout the office.

As common sense as these practices may seem, they’re vital to keep your workplace healthy and running smoothly as we approach flu season. For more workplace health and safety services, contact the professionals at EHS Management.