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Enduring the Elements

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We might not want to accept the fact that winter is just around the corner, but the elements and challenges brought on by this colder season are something we simply can’t avoid. Industries across the board are affected by the cold and often threatening climate.

So, how do you protect yourself and your employees throughout these frigid months?

EHS Management is here to tell you how.


A crucial step in preparing for the colder months ahead, is implementing winter safety training for your employees. This training should include recognizing hazardous winter environmental and workplace conditions, identifying cold stress injuries and illnesses, as well as taking care of oneself regarding dress, eating, and drinking. EHS Management offers specialized training programs that can help to prepare and inform you and your team.


From wind and rain to snow and ice, you and your employees will experience a variety of harsh elements throughout the winter months. It’s critical that you and your employees are equipped with proper dress to handle whatever the season might bring. Outdoor workers should always dress in layers, incorporating snug-fitting hats and gloves, as well as footwear that provides necessary support, traction, and warmth. Battery-powered heated gear is a good option for when the temperatures really drop. Visibility is another factor to consider this time of year, making reflective apparel vital to worker safety.


Slips, trips, and falls are common all year – now add snow and ice, and the chances skyrocket. Keep walkways, parking lots, and jobsites clear of water, snow, and ice to reduce risk of injury. If there is a hazard that can’t be removed, make sure that it is marked with signs or cones to warn passing workers. The pace at which workers work at will most likely need to be decreased, so they can move with focus, thought, and intent. It’s best to avoid handling heavy loads that have potential to upset your balance.

Year after year, Mother Nature has proven to do whatever she pleases – so it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Prevent illnesses, injuries, and fatalities by training, equipping, and anticipating for any element that comes your way. Look to EHS Management to help implement safely training and protocols as we head into winter.