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School Safety Procedures for Students and Staff

Parents drop their kids off at school every day with the expectation that both their kids and staff are in a safe environment. Schools are required to have safety rules and planned procedures to follow in case of any weather or threat emergencies. EHS Management offers packages that include services a school would need to consider and be trained in to keep students and staff safe.

School Safety Services All Schools Need

List of Emergency Procedures

  • Lock Out
  • Hold/Clear Halls
  • Medical Emergency
  • Fire/Smoke
  • Evacuation Alarm
  • Bomb Threat
  • Lock Down
  • Shelter

School Security

  • Security Cameras
  • School Resource Officer
  • Cyber Security System
  • Staff Training
  • Communication Systems

No better time than now to go over your safety plans of action and training. EHS Management prioritizes the safety of the students and staff, and we will make sure you are following the proper rules and regulations. EHS Management offers specialized services for clients in the education industry. Here are just some of the services we offer in the education package:

  • Onsite Contract School Safety Coordinator
  • Employee Trainings
  • Injury Recordkeeping & Submittals
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Programs
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • And more….

Find the full list of the education services and packages that we offer on our website: