All companies should have access to Environmental Health and Safety services regardless of budget.

That’s why our system is progressive. It allows you to start at the process step that is most-suited to your current business needs, and then advances towards system completion as your time and budget allow.

Package Progressions Are As Follows:


A completely free meeting to discuss your business and any EHS leading/lagging indicators. This meeting helps to establish a measurable goal.


A comprehensive evaluation of current Environmental and/or Safety programs in place. This analysis defines deficiencies, and prioritizes any required corrective actions.

Basic Service

Creation of site-specific programs and policies to help correct deficiencies. This package includes implementation of a basic filing and record system.

Basic Plus Service

Creation of new hire and review safety training programs to help correct deficiencies. This package includes provision of the initial employee safety and/or required environmental trainings.

Management Service

Effective management of all company EHS programs and personnel. This package includes:

  • Delivery of all new hire and review training sessions (on site or via video).
  • Maintenance and amends to written programs and policies during periods of change or growth.
  • Management of all compliance laws and documentation including air, water, and waste laws.
  • Creation, implementation, and maintenance of all environmental programs and reports.
  • Investigation of all near misses and/or incidences, along with implementation of corrective action to address said occurrences.

Management Plus Service

All of the services offered in the Management Service package PLUS implementation of a Risk Management Strategy through System Safety with EHS Management personnel.

Risk Management Strategy Process

  • Detailed evaluation of past losses for better focus of assessment resources.
  • Analysis of workplace hazards (including Job Safety Analysis, “What If”, Failure Mode & Effects, Fault Tree, and more).
  • Calculation of hazard risk by evaluation of severity & probability using a risk matrix.
  • Recommendation of corrective actions prioritized by ROI.
  • Assistance implementing the latest managerial practices to bridge the gap between written policy and employee behavior.