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Staying Safe Over the Holiday Weekend

Many public gatherings are planning to resume this summer, after a year of cancellations and postponements, in celebration of Independence Day. As we enter a new era of gatherings and celebrations, here’s how you can keep yourself and others safe over the holiday weekend.

Driving Safety

It’s no surprise that holiday days and weekends are among the busiest times for travel. Many individuals across the country will venture out of their homes this July 4th weekend to visit family, friends, see fireworks, and so much more. Amongst the fun can also come bad decisions like drunk driving and distracted driving.

Drinking and Driving

According to Traffic Safety Marketing (TSM), 750 individuals lost their lives during the July 4th holiday period due to drunk driving-related crashes between the years of 2009 and 2013. Driving while under the influence can be deadly for yourself and those around you. To keep the roads safe, drivers should refrain from consuming any alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving

Another common reason for fatal crashes is distracted driving. Data shows that in Wisconsin alone, 29 people died in traffic crashes involving distracted driving. This number is up 12% from 2019. Over the holiday weekend, roadways will be busy, making it incredibly important to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. If you are driving with a passenger, appoint them to adjusting any navigation or radio levels and handing any phone calls or important notifications that come in.

Spread of Germs

As most 2020 celebrations were cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are excited to be able to celebrate in a public setting once again. Although we are slowly seeing things return to “normal”, individuals should still practice proper health and safety guidelines.

Refrain From Social Gatherings if Sick

If you are feeling sick, we suggest refraining from public celebrations to keep other guests from contracting any harmful germs.

Clean Hands Frequently

If you are commonly using public touch points like tables, chairs, portable restrooms, and more, please continue to wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

Mindful of Distance

Large gatherings are common for festivities like the Fourth of July. Firework shows, baseball games, and city-wide festivals are among the most popular ways to celebrate. While around large groups of people, be mindful of the distance between yourself and other guests to help decrease the potential of spreading germs.

After over a year of limited celebrations and interactions, we wish you all a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend. For any questions about staying safe over the holiday weekend, please click here.

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