Defining Corporate Social Responsibility

Business models and responsibilities have evolved over time. In addition to safety and security, sustainability has become imperative to balancing social, environmental, and economic considerations for long-term success. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the act of incorporating environmental and social concerns into a company’s business. Here are three CSR programs businesses can implement right now:…

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Workplace First Aid Responsibilities

All companies are required to have a first aid kit on-site, but how many of your employees know how to properly use it? In some cases, every minute matters when your employees become injured at work even if the injury is minor. With updated training programs and resources, your employees will be prepared to handle a variety or workplace scenarios.

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How to Improve Safety Culture in the Workplace

Promoting a safe working environment requires more than the occasional poster in the breakroom and quick reminders at annual company parties. It takes time, dedication, and consistency to establish a company culture that revolves around safety. For example, there are a number of things you can do to improve safety culture that will benefit both your employees and your company as a whole.

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The Top 5 OSHA Safety Violations for 2019

Is your company failing to address potential workplace hazards? Are you and your employees committed to safety? Unfortunately, accidents can happen at work which means people can get very hurt. However, with the right plans and procedures in place, the likelihood of dangerous accidents and safety violations decreases.

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