Preventing the Spread of Illness in Manufacturing

Flu season brings another level of complications to every industry and manufacturing is not exempt. Factories, plants, workshops, garages; whatever the profession in the industry, touchpoints can create hazards that your typical office job might not have. Illness spreading through the plant can derail productivity and workplace morale faster than you could imagine. So, are…

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Enduring the Elements

We might not want to accept the fact that winter is just around the corner, but the elements and challenges brought on by this colder season are something we simply can’t avoid. Industries across the board are affected by the cold and often threatening climate. So, how do you protect yourself and your employees throughout…

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National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. This observance raises awareness about the importance of preparing for emergencies and disaster that are unfortunately unpredictable. The theme for 2021 is “Prepare to protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.” The campaign features a different focus each week. Environmental Health & Safety Services wants to tell you…

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Workplace First Aid Responsibilities

All companies are required to have a first aid kit on-site, but how many of your employees know how to properly use it? In some cases, every minute matters when your employees become injured at work even if the injury is minor. With updated training programs and resources, your employees will be prepared to handle a variety or workplace scenarios.

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