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Keep Your Employees Safe in Work Zones

Employees operate in work zones during every season, but here in Wisconsin we notice them most during the summer with road construction. Those unsightly orange cones aren’t enough to ensure your employees safety. Here are four areas to address when it comes to work zone safety for your employees.

1. Driving

  • Work vehicles should be inspected and have all appropriate protection and signage for employees that drive to and from work, as well as driving within the work zone. Employees should also be aware of other cars driving by, especially when on foot,

2. Flagging

  • Flaggers help control the traffic around the work zone and are needed to help other workers stay safe and focus on what they are doing. Flaggers need to have the appropriate florescent clothing so they can be seen by drivers easily for the safety of themselves and everyone around them. Sunscreen and hydration are also important safety issues to consider for your employees.

3. Lighting

  • Proper lighting is extremely important to allow everyone to see the equipment and workers from a distance. Options for lighting are flares or chemical lighting when electrical lighting can’t clearly illuminate the work zone for those passing by.

4. Communicating

  • Flaggers and other employees need to be trained with proper signaling and communication to make sure everyone is clear on what needs to happen in and around the work zone. All employees should be trained on work zone safety and what to do if an emergency were to happen.

EHS Management has a professional staff that can take you through the proper steps to improving your safety. Give us a call to set up an appointment or to answer your questions about safety in the workplace: 715-551-9503. Have a safe work zone safety month!